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Joel Salabarria


I am a man of integrity and I am honored to be sharing my life with my beautiful wife Ashley. Everyday is a journey toward being the man I am called to be and choosing to pursue my wife has been both rewarding and another giant step towards destiny. As a husband, provider, protector and covering for my family I strive daily to fulfill every vow and die daily to my self. My chocolate queen makes me so much better and I’m honored she chose to stand beside me.



To experience life as a husband is special, but to then experience life as a father is a joy I can hardly describe. My children are such a reflection of the amazing love GOD shows us daily. My daughter JaniYah is a natural worshiper and it brings such a smile to my face to see her praise GOD in such a pure way so young. As a father As a father I hope to teach my son JosiYah how to be a honorable man of God. He shows me what a miracle looks like. I am humbled daily at how blessed I am to be the Father of such incredible children.



My passion is music and the ability to have conversation thru music resonates as a universal language that can be felt. The creative process is something I very much enjoy. To create art that is both effective and life changing is special to me. The DNA formula of chords, tones, rhythms and progressions are extremely powerful. The privilege I have to create and change any atmosphere with my gift motivates me daily! I invite you on this journey with me as I explore the world of Zamar (Hebrew worship music) and create an atmosphere that will break chains, bring hope and encourage all!

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